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Need Braces?

Do you have crooked teeth? Is your child developing an overbite? These problems go way beyond cosmetic embarrassment. They could impact your oral health too.

While most dentists in Tucson will send you running around town to other dentists for help with crooked teeth, Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. works a little bit differently.

Our professional dental team has the education and experience to give you high-quality, effective braces. We work with you in-house to create a healthy, happy smile – all from the same dental chair! The doctors and staff who you already trust to keep your smile looking and feeling amazing do braces too!

Are Braces Right for You?

There are a number of ways braces can help you have a healthier, more radiant smile. If you have (or think you have) any of the following, you might be a good candidate for braces:

  • Overbite. This is often referred to as “buck teeth.” Overbites occur when your upper teeth are too far in front of your bottom teeth.
  • Underbite. This is the opposite of an overbite, and occurs when your bottom teeth stick out further than your upper teeth. It is sometimes known as the “bulldog” look.
  • Crossbite. When biting down, your upper teeth are supposed to come down just slightly in front of your top teeth. If they don’t, you might have a crossbite.
  • Spacing. If you have any gaps between your teeth, or if there are wide spaces in your mouth, you might need braces to give you the correct spacing.
  • Crowding. If you have too many teeth, causing each tooth to be flush up against one another, you might need braces to accommodate the overcrowding.

No matter your age, braces can help you get a straighter, healthier smile.

If you think you could have any of these dental conditions, it’s important that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Badie. Call today to make an appointment and find out if you are a good candidate for braces.


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