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You’ve gone through the care of getting your cavities filled. When a filling falls out, your tooth is once again at risk. The cavity is exposed, the tooth and gums are painful, and you are at risk of infection.

Get a Filling Replacement Fast and Minimize Risks to Your Oral Health

It is not uncommon for a filling to fall out – especially if there are other oral health issues looming under the surface putting your teeth at risk. When a filling falls out, it is critical that you address the underlying cause.

There are many reasons why a filling might come loose, including:

  • Grinding your teeth
  • Clenching your teeth
  • Aging and weakening teeth
  • New decay around the tooth and gums


No matter the cause, it is important to determine why your filling came loose so that you can get the care you need.

Examining the Cause

When you visit Saeid Badie DDS, P.C., you will get an exam to determine the reason your filling came loose. This way, the dental team can find any other oral health concerns that you might be experiencing unknowingly.

For example, if your filling came loose because you grind your teeth, you might be at risk for jaw pain and problems. If new decay caused your filling to come loose, you might be at risk for infection.

There are solutions to these underlying concerns. Getting fast treatment can prevent future, potentially serious, oral health problems later on. Once our team at Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. determines what caused your filling to come loose, we will not only replace the filling but also help you with any other urgent dental needs. When you leave our office, you and your mouth will be healthier and feel better for the long run.

  • Schedule your appointment with Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. right away to prevent further oral health complications. Call us at 520-433-9800 to learn more.

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