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    Tucson Crowns and Bridges

    Repair Damaged Teeth With Crowns and Bridges

    Sometimes your teeth are damaged beyond repair. Trauma or decay can leave a tooth cracked, chipped, discolored or fractured. When that happens, a crown and bridge can repair your teeth better than a traditional filling.

    Crowns vs. Bridges

    Crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth. They are used to strengthen the natural tooth while giving you a more attractive smile. The shape, size, and position of the crown fits perfectly in your mouth, instantly giving you a natural looking, radiant smile.

    In some cases, you might need the damage tooth pulled. This will leave a gap between your teeth, which can lead to a variety of other oral health problems and concerns. A bridge is used to prevent those oral health problems by filling the space left between your teeth.

    Both crowns and bridges are used to repair damaged teeth. Depending on the extent of the damage to your teeth, Dr. Badie will recommend either a crown or bridge for you.

    The Benefits of Getting a Crown or Bridge

    Dentists use crowns and bridges as an attractive replacement to your natural tooth. They are form fitted to your mouth. This way, the shape, size, and position of your damaged tooth matches to perfection.

    At Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. we understand that getting a crown or a bridge is an uncomfortable experience. When you consider the benefits these common dental solutions offer, you’ll be glad you had it done.

    • Replace weak teeth that cannot be repaired using a filling.
    • Protect weak teeth from further damage, such as cracking or breaking.
    • Hide misshapen, discolored teeth.
    • Protect your root canal from further damage.
    • Chew and speak properly.
    • Avoid misshapen, sunken features from missing teeth.
    • Stop other teeth from shifting and moving around in your mouth.

    If you are living in pain, discomfort, or embarrassment from weak or unattractive teeth, talk to Dr. Badie about options available to you with crowns and bridges.



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