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    Tucson Dental Implants

    Dental Implants: Giving You More Confidence in Your Smile

    Missing one or more teeth does more than make you a little bit self-conscious. It’s also damaging to your oral health. Teeth surrounding your missing tooth may start to move in to fill the gap. Chewing becomes more difficult, putting you at an increased risk of decay or gum disease. To protect your mouth, you need to fill in the spaces that put your oral health at risk.

    Why Dental Implants?

    In the past, dentures were used to fill in spaces where a tooth or teeth were missing. However, many dentists and patients are opting for dental implants whenever possible because of the comfort they offer.

    • Dental implants are not uncomfortable.
    • Dental implants do not shift or move when you talk.
    • Dental implants allow you to chew comfortably.
    • Dental implants feel more natural than dentures.

    Dental implants work a little bit differently. Dr. Badie uses top of the line technology to insert an artificial root made out of titanium into your jaw bone. Then, once the bone has healed around the new root, a crown is made to cover the gap in your mouth. Your dental implants remain sturdy and in place, making your smile look and feel more natural.

    At Saeid Badie DDS, P.C., your mouth is in good hands. We use innovative dental technology to give you a comfortable experience while creating a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

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