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    Tucson Periodontal Disease Treatment

    Is Periodontal Disease Putting Your Dental Health in Jeopardy?


    In the beginning, it doesn’t seem too serious. You notice that your gums are a little bit red and bleed while brushing or flossing your teeth. The swelling doesn’t seem like a big deal, so you ignore it and go about your regular dental health routine.

    Then, it gets worse. Your dentist tells you that you have gingivitis and you’re at risk of periodontal disease.

    The Dangers of Periodontal Disease

    Gingivitis is the first sign of periodontal disease. The bleeding, red, swollen gums can be reversed with careful dental care.

    Periodontics is a more serious periodontal disease, and it is irreversible. If it’s not treated, your smile could be permanently damaged.

    Preventing Permanent Damage From Periodontal Disease

    Periodontitis destroys your gums and bone structure. Without treatment from a skilled Tucson dentist, your teeth are in jeopardy. If you have any of the signs of periodontal disease, it’s essential that you get care from a dentist. Treatment options include:

    • Subgingival Scaling. This involves cleaning below the gum line.
    • Root Planning. This will smooth out your teeth’s roots and improve their health.
    • Plaque and Tartar Cleaning. This will remove any of the damaging plaque or tartar that’s causing your gums to become inflamed. It will also make it easier for your gums to heal and return to normal.
    • Medications. Your dentist might prescribe certain medications to help you continue the healing process after you’ve left the dental chair.
      To prevent permanent damage to your mouth and smile, you need immediate treatment.
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