Offering a Full Range of Dental Services in Tucson


No matter what type of dental work you need, you want a dentist who does it all. You don’t have spend time bouncing around town from office to office.  From regular cleanings to one-hour crowns and veneers, Dr. Badie and his team give you professional care from the same chair.

At Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. you get quality service from an outstanding team. Regardless of how routine or complex your dental work needs might be, we provide you with a positive experience every time.

Here are the oral health and cosmetic dental services available to you from Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.

implantDental Implants

Are you missing one or multiple teeth? Regain confidence in your smile with dental implants from Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.


This may come as a surprise to you, but Dr. Saeid Badie, DDS does braces! Getting your teeth healthy and looking good!


Looking for dentures that are comfortable and easy to wear? Saeid Badie DDS, P.C., your Tucson dentist, can help.


Are your teeth misshapen? Are you self-conscious of your smile? Get a natural looking, beautiful smile with help from Dr. Badie.

periodontalTreatments For Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis? Periodontics? These are serious tooth and gum diseases. Avoid future dental problems with treatment from Tucson dentist, Dr. Badie.

screeningTMJ / TMD

Do you suffer from TMJ or TMD? Get relief from your Tucson dentist, Dr. Saeid Badie from Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.

whiteningTeeth Whitening

Get a brighter smile with teeth whitening services from Tucson Dentist, Dr. Badie at Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.

denturesStabilization of Dentures

Are you dentures constantly shifting out of place? Do you find yourself wondering why you should even bother with adhesives when they’re never 100% reliable? If so, Dr. Saeid Badie, DDS can provide you life-long denture stabilization in less than two hours! Using titanium alloy implants, your dentures lock into place, giving you security and confidence.

rootRoot Canals

Almost everyone has heard about root canal (or endodontic) treatments, but what exactly is a root canal and why would you need one? When a tooth suffers from decay or infection, you risk completely losing your tooth, which causes an array of problems for your month.

screeningOral Cancer Screenings

Could you be at risk of developing oral cancer and not know it? A screening at Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. will give you the answer.

bracesInvisible Braces

Don’t show off your braces to the world. With invisible braces from Saeid Badie DDS, P.C. you get straighter teeth discreetly.

fillingFilling Replacement

Lost a filling? Need to have an old filling replaced? Get quality care from the Tucson dentists at Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.

veneersCrowns and Bridges

Do you have broken teeth or gaps in your mouth? Strengthen your teeth and improve your oral health with a crown or bridge by Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.

visitOne-Visit Dentistry CEREC Crowns

Get all of your dentistry needs in one place with one visit dentistry from Saeid Badie DDS, P.C.