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    • 29 MAR 17
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    What’s the Best Kind of Toothpaste? The Ultimate Product Showdown

    Photo credit: “Toothpaste and brush” by Licensed under CC BY 3.0. The toothpaste market is a large one, and new kinds of toothpastes are cropping up all the time. Each brand of toothpaste claims to offer benefits like fresher breath, reduced plaque, and a whiter smile. But how many of these claims are backed by

    • 14 OCT 15
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    What is Dental Anxiety, and How Does it Start?

    Photo credit:”Aaaugh!” by Massimo Finizio. Licensed under CC BY-ND. Going to the dentist can be scary sometimes, but for some patients, the mere thought of a dental exam is enough to cause a panic attack. Dental anxiety is a condition that afflicts somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of Americans, so if you get anxious